LED Wall Studio offers a cost-effective alternative to on-location filming

Jacksonville, FL, June 18, 2022 –(PR.com)– RDM, an acclaimed full-service commercial video production company, is creating a smarter way for brands to capture product footage for commercial spots. The Vault, RDM’s new studio in Jacksonville, Florida, uses a custom high-resolution LED wall to avoid the challenges of shooting in small spaces and on green screen. The Vault offers 4,000 square feet of LED stage technology and state-of-the-art equipment to make every creative idea possible.

“We’re always looking for faster, better, and smarter ways to produce our clients’ video projects and move the creative community forward,” said Greg Robbins, Creative Director and CEO. “Studio Vault, our benchmark technology and experienced LED team are just some of the tools we use to give our customers more control over their video and film projects. At RDM, we create solutions to tell stories the way they should be told. »

LED backdrops offer a cost-effective alternative to on-location production variables by replicating realistic studio locations. This gives productions unparalleled control over their shooting environment. This technology also opens the door to nearly limitless options without the time or expense of traveling or building convenient sets. LED backgrounds can be customized with still or moving images and even three-dimensional landscapes that can be adjusted to provide realistic lighting, shading and reflections in the studio environment, allowing full lighting control, regardless of the time of day or the weather. The variety of sets that can be realistically achieved – including outdoor environments – means productions on limited timelines can completely avoid the common issues and delays associated with clearances and background noise.

As an alternative to traditional green screens, LED backdrops offer aesthetic and technological advantages. Actors, directors and camera operators can view the virtual location in real time and adjust easily during filming. The ability to adjust the brightness, color temperature and gamma of an LED wall means you capture the look you want in-camera, streamlining the color correction process. By eliminating the need to fix green screen spills on reflective surfaces and spending more time on expensive compositing, video quality is improved and post-production time is reduced.

RDM has extensive experience in running LED video productions. Through The Vault, RDM seeks to provide access to the highest quality next-generation XR technology, push the boundaries of invention, and make even the most difficult or financially impossible ideas accessible. By combining the studio’s capabilities with the team’s expertise in storytelling, production management, cinematography and technology, RDM is well equipped to explore new creative avenues to produce branded video content that engages. viewers, encourages action and connects brands to their target audience.

To learn more about virtual video productions using an LED wall, contact [email protected] or visit www.rdm.video

About RDM
RDM is an award-winning full-service creative video production company based in New York City. Specializing in digital media, branded content, advertising, and product-focused videos, RDM creates content that engages viewers, motivates action, and connects customers with their audience. Whether it’s live action or animation, RDM provides talented artists and original creative concepts that result in high-quality, eye-catching and exhilarating video productions. With over 40 years of combined expertise, RDM has earned the trust of Mercedes Benz, Rubbermaid, Kia, Jaguar, Lamborghini, AT&T, NASA, BMW, Merck, and more.

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