Light, camera, action! Film production company looks to Derby for new studio


UK-based film production company MARV Studios have approached Derby City Council with proposals to develop a state-of-the-art film studio and stunt training facility in Derby.

The academy would be purpose-built and include a film studio; a fitness and rehabilitation centre, which would include a gymnasium and sports facilities accessible to the public; and a stunt training center (the first in Europe).

The planned £13 million investment in the site is expected to generate economic and social benefits of over £12 million per annum, including local economy and supply chain spending, creation jobs at the academy and a significant increase in the number of visitors to Derby.

The proposed site for the new studio is the former Aida Bliss factory in Chester Green.

Derby City Council’s Cabinet is due to meet in June to discuss proposals from MARV – who are the creators of global blockbusters like Kingsman, Stardust and Rocketman. Proposals would see the former factory site sold to MARV to develop and repurpose the historically significant building, which has been vacant for almost 20 years.

Councilor Chris Poulter, Leader of Derby City Council, said: ‘This is a hugely exciting prospect for Derby and a very different suggested use for the Aida Bliss site.

“MARV Studios would be a fantastic media brand to attract to Derby, putting us on the map as a key player in the creative media sector. Of course, it would also contribute significantly to our aspirations to diversify the local economy and regenerate the downtown core.

The Aida Bliss site was acquired by Derby City Council in 2018 to enable the construction of a new flood barrier as part of the ‘Our City Our River’ (OCOR) scheme. This was completed and immediately proved its worth during the November 2019 flood.

More recently, proposals for 74 new homes were developed and shared for consultation, with residents invited to give their opinion on the plans. A planning application for the housing program is still awaited but has not yet been filed.

Any sale of the site to MARV would be subject to obtaining a building permit.

“We are keen to attract the best possible solution for the site, and any final decision will of course be taken by Cabinet du Conseil to discuss this. We will be hosting an opportunity for local residents to learn more about these proposals and will be confirming arrangements for this shortly,” Councilor Chris Poulter said.

Residents will be able to ask questions about the proposals during a drop-in session on Wednesday, June 1 between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., at St Paul’s Church Hall on Seale Street.

Damien Walters, a spokesperson for MARV Studios, added: “The academy will provide new studio space for MARV, the production company behind the Kingsman film franchise, and other international film and television productions. leading. In addition, it would host Europe’s first stunt training academy and also provide a national center of excellence in tumbling, trampoline, martial arts and parkour.

“The establishment of the Center of Excellence will provide an opportunity for a wide range of people and local organizations to use the facility – from Derby school children to world class top athletes – it will support grassroots sports and communities, as well as elite athletes and Olympians.

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