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By Angelina Persaud Associate Editor

The return of Manhattan College Television (MCTV) after the pandemic brings a renewal of campus life and a creative outlet for students interested in media and production.

MCTV is a student-run media production club that creates various shows and segments related to campus life and student activities.

Currently, the network offers Manhattan Minute and Quadcast, which are available to students through YouTube, Instagram, and various social media platforms.

Samantha Gaddy, a communications major with a concentration in sports media production and minors in Spanish and history, has been a member of the MCTV team since the fall 2021 semester. She launched and helped produce a show called Manhattan Minute, in which students can receive campus news in a concise format.

“I brought it to MCTV at the start of the fall semester, and we just started with it because it was such a fun, easy-to-use idea,” Gaddy said.

She also highlighted the network’s accessibility and how it will help students stay in touch with the college community.

“We wanted to make things more social and convenient for students to get information from school. That’s why we came up with the minute, it can be simplified, right from their phones to make it easy for everyone the world,” Gaddy said.

One of the network’s long-running programs, Quadcast, is still in production and allows students to express their creativity in a media format. It basically allows students to have a platform where they can discuss topics that are important to them and share them with the MC community.

Chris Plate, a senior with a double major in communication and psychology and a concentration in media production, has been the field and post supervisor since 2021. He explained how the program has benefited the student body and boosted the campus life.

“We kind of keep talking about whatever we want and try to get other clubs to come. We started Turnstyle to promote small businesses here on campus, and we try to do that every month,” Plate said.

From pre-production meetings to physically taping segments, the MCTV team had to adjust their production methods to comply with on-campus COVID regulations.

Maeve Kirk, a junior communications major with a concentration in media production and a minor in digital media, is the social media manager for the network. She pointed out the setup inside the studio when it comes to filming segments.

“We must continue to wear the masks in the studio and always practice our social distancing. We basically have two cameras, six feet apart. For the most part, we’re usually only five to six max in the studio at a time,” Kirk said.

Although precautions are in place, the crew still encourages new members to join and provides hands-on training.

Mariana Duque, a senior with a double major in English and communications and a concentration in media production, is the club’s vice-president.

She talked about her experience joining the network amid COVID and the experience she gained in production.

“You don’t have to be a communication specialist to join the club. We are simply teaching you hands-on experience. And since we do everything collectively, we help each other if we need something,” Duque said.

The crew also highlighted their fondest memories and most fulfilling moments of being on the network.

In particular, they all highlighted the close relationships they’ve developed with each other and how it’s helped them build community within the larger MC community.

“We could say that we are good friends. When you talk to people and when you interact with people, all those memories that you share are good memories. It evolves and you become close to those people after you start production,” Duque said.

They also highlighted the connections they have made on campus due to their various positions on the network, especially when it comes to working with multiple clubs to produce a specific show for the week.

“Especially for me as a social media manager, I’ve contacted clubs here and just engaged with other people. It’s one of my favorite things to do and just getting to know the others is probably the best thing about it,” Kirk said.

As for the future of the network, the team shared that there are a few projects in the works right now. They aim to diversify and expand the types of programs produced and to include a wider range of students in the MC community.

The club has also begun planning a potential podcast in partnership with the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center regarding mental health and self-care.

”We are simply delighted to work with them. A lot of the topics they’re going to talk about are around mental health and good habits, so it’s going to be really beneficial for everyone, so we’re excited to work with them,” Plate said.

The network has cemented its role in the community and will continue to produce its programs as a way to further connect the student body.

“I think it was just important to make sure everyone is connected because as a small school we are also a small community and that made sense. Put something together to get everyone involved,” Gaddy said.

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