Lights, Camera, Action: Behind the Scenes of Compliance Training Videos


“Honestly, it’s hard to go from ‘I work at Pixar’ to making compliance training videos,” adds Richardson. “But if you approach it as a very small story and care about production values ​​and acting, you can make it watchable and compelling and fun. Sometimes the content can be dry in nature, but you might think it’s a TV show because it looks like one.

Since Richardson took the helm, Emtrain’s mandatory harassment and diversity training videos have turned into entertaining and engaging content for clients like Cisco-based San Jose, CA, Sonos-based Santa Barbara, CA and Indeed, which has offices in San Francisco and San Mateo. , CALIFORNIA. While filming these videos, Richardson draws from a pool of around 150 actors. She also brought in a videographer, cinematographer, hair and makeup crew, and production team she knows well to make the videos as professional as possible.

The videos (deemed “micro-lessons”) even touched on hot topics, such as anti-Asian violence related to COVID-19. The company recently created a series on unconscious bias, focusing on race, gender and age. Richardson says the attempt was to show three different short scenarios where you might expect him to be one way, but it’s actually another. For example, three teenagers are playing a shoot ’em up video game, but the girl dominates. Another example is three old ladies having lunch and one apologizing to go and do a TikTok video.

“I learned so much about inclusion, unconscious bias and what bullying really is,” says Richardson. “In fact, I have friends who come up to me and say, ‘Do you have any suggestions on how to introduce a person using the pronouns ‘they/them’?’ I have an answer because we do training on it My favorite topic is unconscious bias because it often takes us out of head office scenarios and allows us to tell stories that teach people how to be better humans, not just at work, but hopefully in the world.

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