Lil Tjay Sets Up Hospital Studio For ‘Beat Da Odds’ Cover


After being released from the hospital, Lil Tjay reveals he has new music coming tonight.

It looks like we can finally expect some new music from Lil Tjay this week. Following a billboard in the Bronx that said he was home from the hospital after being shot seven times, the rapper shared his first video message with his fans on Instagram.

Lil Tjay attends RapCaviar Presents James Harden & Friends at Bayou Music Center on August 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Rick Kern/Getty Images).

“Hey, what’s up y’all? It’s your boy Tjay, man,” he said. “I’m just checking in with y’all. I just wanna say, thanks for the love, thanks for the support. I’ve been watching the DMs and the comments and everything, and I’m feeling the love. Seven knocks, It was hard, you know? Most people don’t make it, but I’m here. Here for a reason, and new music soon. We’re coming back stronger than ever. Love you all.

Tjay doesn’t waste time either. This morning, the rapper hit the ‘Gram with the announcement of his new single, “Beat Da Odds.” The record cover shows Tjay sitting in his hospital bed with a microphone set up. There was a moment where we wondered if he could get his voice back, but apparently his recovery was relatively smooth if he recorded at the hospital.

Tjay’s new song is coming at midnight tonight. We’ll keep you posted on updates regarding the rapper and his condition. Take a look at the cover below.

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