Living Vehicle designs LV Creative Studio as a high-tech motorhome for digital nomads


Back then, people took to the road or the trails to get away from the comforts of home. Some do it to disconnect from electronics and reconnect with nature instead. As advances in mobile data technology improve connectivity almost everywhere, it creates new demand. Living Vehicle presents a luxury motorhome for digital nomads dubbed LV Creative Studio.

This camper trailer is loaded with all the high-end tech goodies one could need for almost any job. Basically, this is working from home on a whole new level. The only caveat we’ve seen so far is the company’s decision to stick with Apple products for its mobile desktop.

Keep in mind that others prefer to use more versatile platforms for their productivity. Nevertheless, here is what the LV Creative Studio offers. You get two Apple Pro Display 6K XDRs, a pair of Genelec The One speakers, 250Hz wired headphones from Beyer Dynamic, a Magic Keyboard, a Magic Trackpad, and your choice of either a Mac Studio or a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It’s unclear if Living Vehicle will meet a customer’s request to trade them in for a custom rig and other more versatile computing gear. Plus, if you’re wondering, the LV Creative Studio actually houses the workstation in a two-in-one office/bedroom section. The wall features a desk that folds down to reveal a queen-size bed.

Because it’s an off-grid setup, the Creative Studio relies on clean energy to power your devices and more. The roof houses solar panels that harvest the energy which they then store in high-capacity batteries. In an emergency, a backup generator is there when you need it. The LV Creative Studio is an awesome option that tech-savvy adventurers should check out.

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