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Loveland art lovers can plan to meet local creatives throughout October when the annual Loveland Art Studio Tour returns.

The Art Tour and Sale is a free, self-guided tour of over 100 local artists at 30 locations around Loveland, allowing residents to meet the artists, purchase original artwork, and “see first-hand hand the creative process and the personalities behind the work,” according to a statement about the event.

Amelia Furman, vice chair of the event’s board of directors, said the pandemic, while not signaling the end of the event, signaled a number of changes. One of them, she said, was the shift to a stronger emphasis on digital presentation of work.

She also said that this year about half of the artists involved in the tour are new to the event, which she says is very exciting.

For many artists involved, the event is a great way to connect with their community and showcase their work.

Rhonda Koons and her husband Dave will be part of the show with their ceramic work for the second year. She said that because they had only recently started trying to understand the art world, the past year was a great time for them to learn and talk about their work with other creators. .

“There are so many questions about art as a business, do you make something that sells or do you create something that you love to create, what kind of market do you belong to, who chooses what is the price,” she said. “It really helped us better understand art as a business. And we had a hell of a good time. »

Melissa Pape, an acrylic painter, said this will also be her second appearance on the tour. She said she had been working professionally as an artist for four years and was brought into the tour after touring herself and visiting different studios six years ago.

“It was through this process that gave me the nudge to start doing (art) full-time myself,” she said. “Seeing other artists and what they were doing and talking with them and seeing that they’re real people who love making art, and so am I, so maybe I can do it full time too. “

But for everyone involved, the tour is just a great way to showcase the creativity that the people of Loveland have to offer.

Furman described the tour as a unique experience, allowing artists to grow their business and community members to appreciate what local artists are creating.

“One of the great things he does is create a community that understands art better,” she said. “When people understand art better and are able to experience it on a different level…it creates more art collectors who support the art we want to see in our city.”

Pape said it’s important for artists to connect with the community, especially those looking to buy local art, because by meeting in person artists can share their stories.

“Sometimes there’s this image of what an artist is and it’s distant and detached and hard to grasp,” she said. “One of the things studio tours do is invite people to your house to see what an artist is doing. It demystifies the world of the artist, which I think is a good thing.

“Loveland is kind of an artist town,” Koons said. “Visiting the studio helps bring art to people on a very personal (level) as opposed to walking into a gallery and it’s just this thing, does it decorate this corner of my house in this way When you actually meet the artist and talk to him and understand how he invested himself in the work, I think you can have a greater appreciation for it.

The viewing and sale takes place over two weekends, October 8 and 9 and October 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

The tour will also include an inaugural exhibit at the Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Ave., from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday as well as a Night on the Town event on October 14 from 5 to 9 p.m. in the museum’s Foote Gallery.

More information on the tour, the artists involved and a map are available at

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