Lunar Chronicles Gets An Animation Studio Adaptation Of Ron’s Gone Wrong


Beloved young adult fantasy series The Lunar Chronicles was officially cast in the film. Locksmith Animation, the studio behind the recent release Ron gone wrong, acquired the rights to the author’s best-selling novel series Marissa Meyer.

The series started in 2012 with the novel Ash. The story is a futuristic retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella which sees the protagonist as a cybernetic teenager in New Beijing, trying to make ends meet as a mechanic. Obstacles include dealing with his wicked in-laws, the persistent attention of a prince trying to keep the peace between Earth and Luna’s lunar colony, and avoiding the plague-like disease ravaging the world. As tensions rise and war approaches, Cinder must escape New Beijing and unravel her mysterious past.


The Lunar Chronicles includes four novels and two short stories. With Ash, the main series includes Scarlet (2013), Cress (2014) and Winter (2015). Like the first novel, each book centers on the titular heroine as she faces her own obstacles and joins Cinder’s alliance. Each protagonist is also inspired by fairy tale characters, including Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White. The two novels in the collection, The fairest and stars above depict the rise of the evil queen Levana as well as excerpts from the stories of other characters.

Ron's Gone Wrong-Zack Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Glazer-Ron and Barney-social-star

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Locksmith Animation has arrived on the scene with a first film Ron gone wrong which quickly garnered praise for its story and animation. Since its release in October 2021, the animated children’s film has received nominations for two Annie Awards and is on the BAFTA long list for Best Animated Film. Production co-founder and president Julie Lockhart had this to say about the acquisition The Lunar Chronicles,

“We at Locksmith are always on the lookout for material that will give viewers a contemporary and authentic perspective, Marissa’s books successfully transform well-known fairy tales into an epic, modern saga that will be engaging and relevant to audiences. We couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with her to bring her vision to life through animation.

Natalie Fisher, CEO of Locksmith Animation added, “This unforgettable series has garnered tremendous praise and popularity, and we’re determined to give this material the treatment it deserves.”

“Everyone has shown so much enthusiasm for these books and these characters, and hearing about Locksmith’s vision for the project gives me the best of chills.” Says Meyer, “I’m as excited as readers to see Cinder, Prince Kai and the rest of the Rampion crew brought to life with stunning animation and lots of love!”

The Lunar Chronicles received massive praise for its great diversity and fresh retelling of classic fairy tale characters, leading Meyer to be named The New York Times’ #1 Bestselling Author. Meyer is also the author of Alice in Wonderland tell Heartless and sci-fi trilogy renegades. It is not yet known who will helm the project or when fans will see production begin for The Lunar Chronicles.

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