Mac Studio and Studio Display are now in Apple Stores, but you won’t get the best deal


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If you order online, you now have to wait weeks for a Studio Display and months for a Mac Studio. You can skip all that delay and buy from a local Apple Store instead, but you won’t get the best deals or custom configurations.

Apple always keeps a stock of its latest devices to include in stores on the first day of availability. It doesn’t always put every device in every store – not all have the Mac Pro, for example – but most stores get most things. And they want to sell them to you.

Which means instead of ordering a Mac Studio online now and not getting it until May, you can get one today. The process even starts the same way when you place an order from the Apple Store online.

The difference is that you can choose to collect your order in store, then once your order is placed, go there and collect it. In most cases, you can also pay a fee to have the Mac Studio shipped from the store to your door.

Therefore, it may seem absurd to order online and wait. And for many people, it really is.

What you lose by ordering directly from an Apple Store

The Studio Display, and in particular the Mac Studio, comes in a series of different configurations. For the Mac Studio, Apple is highlighting two – and those are the only ones you can buy in stores.

Apple’s online page offers a choice of basic version M1 Max Mac Studio and basic version M1 Ultra. Minimal RAM and minimal storage.

When you change anything, whether it’s RAM or wanting to install Final Cut Pro, you’re out of luck. No store can help you.

However, if you wanted to buy either of these, the ideal is to get them from the Apple Store. Or almost ideal.

What you get for not ordering through Apple

Apple never sells, but even with a brand new device like the Mac Studio, you can save money by ordering from third-party resellers.

The first savings are already available, with deals that see between $200 and $400 off Apple’s prices. Savings are dependent on configuration, and configuration also affects ship date.

With multiple discount offers from multiple retailers, and all changing as inventory sells out, it is not possible to estimate a shipping time. But with up to $400 off, there are as many great reasons to buy online as there are directly in stores.

Compare prices before you buy

The latest Mac Studio deals are always at your fingertips in our Mac Studio price guide, so it’s worth visiting before ordering Apple’s latest desktop computer. As mentioned above, discounts of up to $400 are in effect now with promo code APINSIDER at the authorized Apple Adorama reseller using this cost-effective activation link. Details can be found here.

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