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Have you ever had trouble getting your Mac to recognize third-party peripherals, like a keyboard and mouse? The setup shown today is built around a brand new Mac Studio neatly mounted on a pegboard behind a Samsung ultrawide display. But the Apple desktop computer refused to pair with a Logitech keyboard and mouse, according to the owner.

He said he had to go buy Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse to establish working input devices. So what happened?

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Wall-Mounted Mac Studio does not pair with third-party devices

Redditor Lexphalanx complained about the difficulty of getting his new Mac Studio to work with Logitech input devices in an article titled “After 2 trips to the Mac store, the Studio was successfully integrated into my setup.”

Here is Lex’s description of what happened:

Maybe other people could or have tried setting up their Mac Studios with a 3rd party wireless keyboard and it worked for them, but it didn’t work for me. It kept asking me to turn on my keyboard for pairing but wouldn’t recognize it, I tried using the USB receiver, and although the Mac Studio recognized something had been plugged in, I had never configured this USB receiver to receive input from my logitech keyboard, my keyboard was already paired to three other devices none of which was this receiver, and I could not pair it to this receiver until I set up my computer . Perhaps if I had used the receiver before, I could have completed the setup without having to make another trip to the Mac store to “borrow” a keyboard and mouse duo. Guess that’s just the price I pay for refusing to use/own wired devices. Anyway it’s done.

A commenter asked why he needed the Apple Keyboard and Mouse.

“When you first set up the Mac Studio it won’t allow you to access the Bluetooth menu, the only way to continue the setup process is with an Apple keyboard and mouse, or wired ones,” Lex replied .

Lex pointed out how much he hates wires. It wasn’t particularly clear if he had tried the USB-C cables from the input devices or if he had insisted on Bluetooth working. You would think it could tolerate cables for a few minutes during installation. But the discussion of the post introduced doubt as to whether they would work in this situation.

A Redditor pointed out that Lex should have been able to plug in his Logitech keyboard using his USB-C cable, even if only temporarily to get through the setup process.

But someone else with the same keyboard said the USB-C connection is only for charging. “I found out the hard way that it didn’t work like a wired keyboard at all,” they said.

“Couldn’t you have used the 2.5 Ghz dongle instead of Bluetooth? asked another commenter.

“The dongle requires you to have access to the Bluetooth menu to set it up, as you have to choose which hotkey it is paired to,” Lex replied. “You cannot do this from the initial setup screen. I guess Apple doesn’t want the computer to receive communications until you secure it. It only trusts a wired connection or its own technology until FileVault if a password is enabled, I don’t know.

Personally, we haven’t had this problem with a Mac. But it’s clear from a little research that it’s not uncommon. Luckily, there are plenty of tips online for resolving situations like this.

Sources for advice on what to do if you’re having trouble getting a device to work with your Mac:

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Pairing the Logitech keyboard and mouse was impossible at first, so a magic keyboard and a magic mouse were introduced.
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