Magnet partners with Leeds content studio Prolific North


Magnet has named a Leeds content studio as one of its visual content creation partners.

Powerhouse was introduced after a successful campaign for its new summer colorway – “Arboretum Green”.

The Great Indoors concept is about infusing kitchen interiors with references to nature and plants, in a “useful and stylish” way.

Powerhouse worked alongside McCann on the creative, which included photography and video, to create stills, video and GIFs for TV, social media, payments, digital, print and dots of sale.

“It was a really collaborative process; from initial launch and throughout the campaign – we have developed flexible creative narratives that align with our production strategy across TVC, digital and social content streams – all within the singular production window,” explained James Pierechod, Chief Creative Officer at Powerhouse.

“We worked with the B2B and B2C teams and their agencies, to plan everything they might need in terms of touchpoints, audiences, seasonality and consumer journeys. But beyond that, it allowed teams to be more experimental with their requirements. We were able to customize permanent and seasonal content at scale, without having to reshoot, patch, or change shots to achieve the goal.

“This hybrid creation and production process is a great way to increase content variability, but ultimately reduces build time and cost per item. We’re really happy with this approach and the results.”

The company will now work with all of Magnet’s strategic and specialist agencies to unify visual content and film consistently for all teams.

“Our head of trade marketing, Helen Everitt, had previously worked with Powerhouse in a different role, so when we were looking for a new content partner, the team was central to our selection process,” added Chris Hawkins, Brand Manager at Magnet. .

“We were absolutely blown away by their creativity and their ability to achieve our goals, while aligning with our enduring values. The Powerhouse team has shown such passion and care for our brand and already feels like an extension of the Magnet Marketing team. We look forward to seeing what the future holds with this partnership.

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