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The exhibition at the Artisan Gallery in Brisbane. Photo credit: Malki Studio Facebook

Local business Malki Studio has brought a selection of handcrafted jewelery to the city, opening an exhibition at the Artisan Gallery on King Street in Brisbane.

The opportunity to exhibit in Brisbane was supported by the Bundaberg Regional Council and a rapid response grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

Artisan is Queensland’s leading arts, crafts and design gallery and is located in the CBD.

Malki Studio is a local family business made up of Ariella, Adam and Lia Andersen, who are proud residents of the Bundaberg area and hoped to put the area on the map by exhibiting at the Brisbane-based gallery.

Adam said the opportunity to exhibit in Brisbane not only allowed the brand to showcase their art, but also showcase talent based in the Bundaberg region.

“As a collective of regional artists, Malki Studio took the opportunity to exhibit in Brisbane as a chance to demonstrate to galleries such as Artisan and their network that Bundaberg is a destination for cultural tourism, raising awareness in the metropolis to the value of regional art,” said Adam.

“Honored to be regional artists who have been selected for Artisan Collects’ first feature film, we have been commissioned to create a new, high-caliber work uniquely suited to this project and space.

malki studio brisbane
Jewels that make up the Artisan Collect exhibition.

Malki Studio Brisbane exhibition features unique works

Over 40 different works of art were created for the exhibit, with the family working on the project for over a year.

“The Artisan Collects exhibition features 48 works of art from Malki Studio, including unique and limited-edition rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, as well as more sculptural and unusual objects such as ceramic armor and even a mouth ornament,” Adam said.

The Artisan Gallery has opened its doors to the Artisan Collects project which showcases a range of new makers.

“Artisan Collects is a new venture that aims to introduce specific designer artwork to new audiences and customers, with the goal of inspiring Artisan customers to become art collectors who repeatedly invest in brands like ours,” said Adam.

“It is hoped that the opportunity for Malki Studios to exhibit in Brisbane will increase brand recognition and exposure, while creating new networks and potential expansion markets.”

Malki Studio already has strong ties with regional galleries in Bundaberg with a collaboration on International Women’s Day 2022 and an art installation by Adam Andersen planned for The Vault later this year.

Malki Studio jewelry is also available for purchase through the gallery shop.

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council to support local arts and culture in the Queensland region.

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