Manly Waves Studio and Apartments Locked Out Following Covid-19 Outbreak


A coronavirus outbreak has forced an apartment complex in a relatively Covid-free area of ​​Sydney into immediate lockdown.

Several residents of a Manly hotel have been transported to alternative accommodation amid an ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

Six positive cases are now linked to the Manly Wave Hotel after authorities identified it as an exhibition site on Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening, health officials said some residents who had been exposed to the virus had been moved to the Hidden Gem Hotel, so they could isolate themselves in “more suitable accommodation as demanded by health experts. public health”.

They all tested negative for Covid-19, NSW Health said.

Other residents have been moved to special health accommodation – hotels set up to care for HIV-positive patients who do not need to be hospitalized – where their health needs can be better attended by staff .

Earlier Wednesday, health and safety authorities surrounded the hotel.

Patient Transport NSW arrived at the Manly Waves Studio and Apartments just off Manly Beach around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

About four medical workers were spotted with PPE equipment as they prepared to enter the building on Pacific Street. Security was also monitoring the site.

No resident has left or entered the building since 7 a.m.

Health officials were also at the site of another apartment complex on Malvern Ave.

The Northern Sydney Local Health District said public health and infectious disease experts were providing “ongoing advice and support” to residents inside the building “following exposure to Covid-19 “.

“Residents are required to self-isolate and get tested and healthcare staff help guests meet their wellness and health needs during this time,” a spokesperson said.

The source of the Covid-19 infection was currently under investigation.

According to NSW Health, there were only 12 active cases of the coronavirus in Manly, as of its last update on Monday.

The health alert comes just three days after hundreds of people were seen gathering in Manly Beach.

The northern beaches largely avoided a major outbreak of Covid-19 during the delta’s surge.

Between 60 and 69 percent of Manly residents over 16 have been fully immunized, according to NSW Health.

As of Tuesday, 863 new local cases were reported.

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