Marriage Boot Camp’s Dr. V sued by ex-housekeeper


LOS ANGELES, CA — “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” host Venus “Dr. V” Nicolino and her husband are being sued by a former employee who alleges they subjected him to disparate treatment and that Nicolino forced him to listen to her accounts of extramarital affairs.

Cameron Stewart filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Nicolino, her spouse, Matthew Johnson, and Dr. V. Productions Inc. The allegations include discrimination based on disability, whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination and various state labor code violations.

Stewart seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. Nicolino and Johnson could not immediately be reached for comment on the lawsuit filed Thursday.

Besides being a television personality, Nicolino is a clinical psychologist and author. She began hosting “Marriage Boot Camp” on We TV during the show’s sixth season and also appeared on the Bravo reality series, “LA Shrinks.”

Stewart was hired by Nicolino on March 3 as an estate manager and executive assistant to oversee the couple’s nannies, housekeepers and chefs, the lawsuit says. He was also responsible for filing paperwork, scheduling appointments and contacting providers for the couple and their children, the lawsuit says.

Stewart regularly worked overtime without scheduled meals or breaks in order to accommodate Nicolino and Johnson’s schedules, and was asked to accompany the couple’s son to hockey tournaments, the lawsuit says. During an interview for the job, Stewart told Nicolino that he had an organ transplant and that she then harassed him for taking his medication, according to the complaint.

Last May, Nicolino, 49, ended her last extramarital affair and she subjected Stewart to emotional abuse by using her as a sounding board, forcing him to console her while she stayed at a Malibu rental property. to mourn the end of his affair. , states the suit.

“Ms. Nicolino ventured to share uncomfortable details with the complainant about her tastes for younger, inexperienced men, a claim which she welcomed by stating that she enjoyed grooming them to be better lovers by teaching them her favorite sex positions and fetishes,” the lawsuit reads. . “Ms Nicolino also admitted it was a habit she had to break, as she had already been caught once by her husband.”

After Stewart injured his ankle, Nicolino told him she should never have hired him, but never asked how he was doing or how she could accommodate him, according to the suit.

Stewart was later fired by the couple, who pressured him to sign a unilateral severance agreement, including sending him a gift basket on December 22 “to try to buy her signing off on the deal.” , says the lawsuit.

In January, Nicolino threatened to use Stewart’s medical condition to embarrass him and further entice him into signing the severance agreement, the lawsuit says.

“Ms. Nicolino maliciously misrepresented the plaintiff’s medical condition and his medication must present him as a drug addict,” the suit alleges.

Stewart suffered emotional distress and economic damage as a result of her dismissal, according to the lawsuit.

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