Marvel’s Mister Fantastic Just Leaked On Camera And It’s A Huge Spoiler


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres in just days, with Marvel making its final marketing push for the film. We saw some big Illuminati reveals over the weekend that were just as important The Fantastic Four fallen news. The two projects may seem unrelated, but they will both be part of the larger MCU storyline. With that in mind, you should know that Marvel’s new Mister Fantastic leaked days before the Doctor Strange 2 first.

Before explaining what this means, you should know that massive spoilers follow below. Don’t continue unless you like this kind of Marvel leak. Unlike other Marvel leaks and rumors, Mister Fantastic’s reveal seems incredibly real. There is little reason to doubt its authenticity.

The Fantastic Four delay worries

The Fantastic Four has to be one of the most exciting MCU Phase 4 projects Marvel has confirmed so far. This will be the third version of the story in the last two decades. And I hope it will be the best.

We know that Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing will all meet Marvel’s Avengers, which wasn’t possible when Fox owned the rights to the franchise.

But news broke a few days ago that Jon Watts dropped the The Fantastic Four project. As we explained, this could lead to potential release date delays. Then again, Marvel never revealed a firm release date for the film. Or the cast, for that matter.

A teaser of the Fantastic Four from Marvel’s promo clip. Image source: Marvel Studios

That said, we were expecting to see a Mister Fantastic long before Marvel’s premiere. The Fantastic Four film. It is thanks to the myriad of Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumors.

Multiverse of Madness is the kind of movie where Marvel can go crazy when it comes to thrilling cameos. And Marvel confirmed three of them in the Super Bowl trailer. It’s Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), and Captain Marvel (Lashana Lynch). Of these actors, only Stewart has publicly confirmed that he will appear in the film.

All should be members of the Illuminati of a separate universe. Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is also part of this team, and Mordo confirmed the Illuminati in a recent Doctor Strange 2 trailer.

Wholesale Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumors

How is this related to Mister Fantastic? Well, an exciting Doctor Strange 2 it was rumored on January 14 that the film would feature a brilliant cameo that hadn’t previously leaked. Marvel had just wrapped up a massive session of reshoots. The purpose of the extra weeks of filming was to clean up the story and add more cameos.

A few days later, news broke that Marvel had cast fan-favorite John Krasinski to play Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in the film. He’s the actor fans have been urging Marvel to include The Fantastic Four.

Krasinski acknowledged fans and seemed eager to play the character, but he never confirmed the MCU’s involvement.

John KrasinskiCaptain America
Still from a deepfake video imagining what John Krasinski’s Captain America would look like. Image sources: Youtube

The same fans also want his wife Emily Blunt to play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman. Unlike future Mister Fantastic, Blunt flatly denied the rumors. Moreover, she said that she was not so interested in this kind of film.

Or of course, we’ve seen that song and dance before with the MCU. Blunt may not be in the movie, but his public denials mean nothing.

In the weeks since, we’ve seen a variety of Mister Fantastic rumors for Doctor Strange 2. Some said it would be Ioan Gruffudd who [;ays the Multiverse of Madness Richards variant. Others claimed that Krasinski might play Mister Fantastic, but that’s no guarantee he’ll also play Reed in Marvel’s primary reality.

We even had rumors that said Krasinski might play an alternate Captain America, considering that he was in the running for the role before Chris Evans scored the part.

Massive Mister Fantastic leak

Now you should be up to speed on all the Mister Fantastic rumors for Doctor Strange 2. But nothing can prepare you for the massive leak we just witnessed.

A series of videos and clips appeared online over the weekend showing the four members of the Illuminati as they meet Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in Doctor Strange 2. That’s Captain Carter, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel… and yes, Mister Fantastic.

The video is blurry but you can clearly tell who Mister Fantastic is. We’re looking at John Krasinski in that Fantastic Four uniform.

It’s possible that someone faked the video, of course. But that brings us to the next series of photos that show the outcome of that meeting.

We know from previous trailers that Wanda will fight Captain Marvel and Captain Carter. Therefore, we know the Illuminati cannot reason with her. And the set of images below shows that the elasticity of Mister Fantastic will not be useful.

That’s right, Doctor Strange 2 will be the first movie that brings the beloved character Mister Fantastic to the MCU. But that doesn’t mean this particular variant of Mister Fantastic will survive.

Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) battling Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in Doctor Strange 2 TV commercial
Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) battling Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in the Doctor Strange 2 TV commercial. Image source: Marvel Studios via YouTube

We’ll point out that official Marvel clip that gave us our first look at Captain Carter’s shield and Professor X’s hoverchair. Unfortunately, it also hinted that Mister Fantastic had just died.

Fans pointed out that the liquid on the floor (pictured above) is likely what’s left of Mister Fantastic after he fought Wanda.

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