Matthew Lillard Launches New Studio With Vampire Let Them Die Movie


Along with the writer/director bill whirityactor Matthew Lillard launched the “first decentralized film studio” with Midnite Movie Club, which aims to give cinematic power to the people. Essentially, buying an NFT will give you access to the studio’s board of directors, and you can make moviemaking decisions alongside other members.

What exactly that means will remain to be seen, but Deadline is letting us know in the meantime that Midnite Movie Club’s first movie will actually be a horror movie.

It’s titled let them die, said to be a “high concept” vampire film. Plot details are unknown at this time, and it’s unclear whether or not Lillard will appear in the film.

let them die will begin production this summer.

Head over to Deadline to learn more about this “decentralized movie studio.”

Deadline notes, “…viewers will be able to both vote on which films will be greenlit as well as the creative decisions the filmmakers bring to the community throughout production. Here are some examples of things you’ll vote on: deciding which actors we’ll bid on first, choosing costumes, props, or creature designs, choosing our movie poster design, and more. »

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