Mayor of Ritchot says rare film studio approved


The rural commune of Ritchot has been the scene of a film shoot in recent days. Now it looks like the municipality could become a permanent home for the film industry.

Mayor Chris Ewen said council on Wednesday approved a conditional use application from David Neufeld of Whitetail Meadow. The location of the event is located at the intersection of provincial route 200 and provincial route 311, south of Saint-Adolphe. Ewen says they want to turn this place into a full movie and broadcast studio.

“They have a big vision and big plans,” says Ewen. “So that’s very exciting.”

According to the mayor, this film studio will use 360 ​​wrap-around screen technology, which basically consists of LED walls, replacing green screens. He notes that this is very rare.

“They bring this technology that is only visible in, I believe, up to six locations around the world, it could be even less than that. There are some pretty big movies and series that have been shot on technology like this. “, he explains. “It’s the next level of how people shoot movies, so you’re not building huge sets.”

Ewen says having this based in her municipality will give the region an economic boost. He knows firsthand how Ritchot has benefited from the film industry in recent weeks, with the shooting of a movie set along PR 305, east of Ste. Agathe.

“The film industry is very good for the communities it works in and around,” he says. “You will see some of the cast and crew coming and supporting the locals by going to a local restaurant in their free time or getting the groceries they need.”

Ewen says that Ritchot is a very attractive location for filming right now. Not only does it offer different types of landscapes and agricultural backdrops, but Manitoba as a whole offers excellent tax incentives for film and the film industry.

“We have big spaces and opportunities for different types of sets and sets,” he notes. “They like our distance from Winnipeg, which is good too.

Ewen says her Council is very excited about the approval of Whitetail Meadow’s candidacy.

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