Mediapro Studio Hulu Japan’s new team for “The Head” 2


The Madrid-based Mediapro Studio, one of Europe’s super-indies, is teaming up with Hulu Japan to produce season 2 of the studio’s hit thriller drama series “The Head,” the studio’s season 1 of which aired in more than 90 countries.

Filming in English began in Tenerife, in the Spanish Canary Islands, directed by Jorge Dorado, who directed season 1.

Season 2 of “The Head” boasts an extensive international cast led once again by John Lynch (“The Terror”, “The Fall”) and Katharine O’Donnelly (“Mary, Queen of Scots”).

Joining them for season 2, the series includes Hovik Keuchkerian (“Money Heist”, “Riot Police”), Moe Dunford (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Josefin Nelden (“The Restaurant”) and Olivia Morris (“Hotel Portofino” ) .

Season 2’s latest additions in lead roles include Enrique Arce (“Money Heist”, “Rifkin’s Festival”), Nora Ríos (“Caliphate”, “Heartbeats”) and Tania Watson (“Now and Then”, “Pioneras” , “The Minions of Midas”), Thierry Godard (“Oussekine”, “A French Case”) and the special collaboration of Japanese Sota Fukushi (“Bleach”).

If season 1 was set at a remote polar research station, the main setting of season 2 of “The Head” will again be an isolated and inaccessible place, this time a huge freighter carrying a scientific mission while sailing on the ocean, where the confrontation between good and evil that already marked the scenario of the first part of the series will again make its appearance.

With several weeks of filming in Tenerife and a large freighter as the main plot scene, the production of the new season will later return to Madrid to complete the shooting of interiors in an impressive location that will reproduce the laboratory of a ship on a scientific plan. mission as well as field locations in Ireland and other locations in Spain.

Ran Tellem, director of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, rehearses as executive producer of the series alongside Laura Fernández Espeso, Javier Méndez, Bernat Elias and Mariano Baselga.

Baselga is also head scriptwriter of the Writers’ Room, which hosts playwright Jordi Galcerán (“The Method”), Isaac Sastre of “The Head” S1 and Brazilian Cauê Laratta.

The Mediapro Studio Distribution will again be responsible for the worldwide distribution of the title.

“The Head” has become one of The Mediapro Studio’s biggest international franchises, airing in over 90 countries with strong results, including in major markets and with operators such as HBO Max in the US and in Latin America and Canal Plus in France.

Starzplay distributed in the UK and Germany, NENT in Scandinavia, SBS in Australia, SCC in Canada and Amazon’s Prime Video in Italy, the Netherlands and India.

Further distribution deals have been struck with Watch it! in the Middle East and North Africa, AXN in Portugal, Streamz in Belgium, Go3 and Nent in the Baltics, TET in Latvia, ETV in Estonia and Hulu in Japan.

In Spain, the series premiered on Orange TV; since last November, it has also been available on Disney Plus.

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