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Taipei, Taiwan – (Newsfile Corp. – October 15, 2021) – Melos is a complete music ecosystem built on multiple public channels. Melos is expected to bring cutting edge changes to the music industry with its features such as NFT Music for One-to-One, Collaborative Creation, Fan Economy, NFT Music Trading.


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The emergence of digital music platforms has revolutionized the music distribution industry, but there should be more. There is a lack of a suitable platform for musicians to create. In addition, there is no established profit model for musical creation, which leads to further deterioration of the creative environment for independent musicians. Digital music needs a platform to help independent musicians and create a mechanism and ecology for the production of original musical content.

Melos.Studio is a creative and sharing platform that connects musicians and fans around the world, with the aim of creating a platform for musicians to present, communicate and exchange online. It helps musicians make their dreams come true by creating original NFT music. Melos.Studio aims to be the largest collaborative platform for music creators by providing tools, content and community. These will be the cornerstones of creativity and the driving force behind the next generation of musical creations.

A multi-player collaborative creation platform

Melos.Studio allows users of the platform to put their musical compositions on the blockchain and create an NFT (MusicBlock). Each MusicBlock can forge itself (Solo) and merge with another MusicBlock to produce a new MusicBlock (Jam), adding soul to the music through collisions of inspirations. Inheriting from blockchain technology, Melos introduces a unique DNA feature. Every creative process is recorded in the DNA of the Musicblock NFT.

At Melos WorkShop, anyone can create music with the help of the Al assistant from Melos. By entering only a few musical notes, the Melos AI assistant will complete the rest of the songs.

Users can form their own collaboration groups on Melos.Studio using Virtualband. Virtualband is a collaborative Google Doc-like tool that allows multiple users to create music with different times and places.

Protect the fundamental interests of creators

Copyright in music is a complicated issue. The copyright validation process, such as disputes between songwriters, producers, artists and publishers, can be difficult and complicated even for experienced professionals in the industry. This can be simplified on Melos.Studio by using smart contracts and a public ledger to record every creative process.

On the Melos Music platform, all Melos Music NFTs are recorded on the blockchain, for example, every note and melody since the start of creation and every transaction of musical NFTs. Information recorded on the blockchain cannot be tampered with or deleted. This reduces the problems of piracy and counterfeiting and protects the rights of creators to the greatest extent possible.

New profit model

The music industry has remained a unique profit model. It is a centralized operation dominated by a few record company monopolies. Too many excellent works of new music art compete in a very narrow channel, resulting in very little chance of success.

The innovations of Melos.Studio bring new perspectives to creators. Creators can upload or create new music in Melos WorkShop and create it as NFT. Whose ownership, as well as pricing rights, belong entirely to the creators. They can also choose to sell, auction, gift giving and other forms of transfer of their music NFTs.

Fans can purchase their favorite songs and interact directly with the song. Melos.Studio brings together creators and a fan community with a share of NFT profits and provides additional incentives for music creators. It can help them earn significant income. By turning fans into members of the creative community, the creative process can be more valuable and efficient.

Music is a product of consensual value. The value of a song depends neither on the cost of production nor on the wishes of the creator, but on each music fan. Melos.Studio provides a great creative environment for creators, while acting as a valuable link between creators and the community. Melos.Studio invites all parts of the industry to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem, resolve the conflict of interest of the previous business model, bring more people together to protect and share the value of music, reactivate the market of music and to provide resources for new musical creation.

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