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Istanbul-based production company Autonomy has revealed more details about its partnership with Turkey’s first virtual production facility, MGX Studio, to deliver an immersive commercial project to the country’s financial hub and official Grand Prix sponsors. Last year’s Formula 1 Turkey, Istanbul Financial Center (IFC).
From extreme close-ups of the F1 vehicle and driver, to the sounds of the engine revving as the car navigates the streets of Istanbul, and IFC footage reflected on the driver’s helmet, MGX’s virtual production facility Studio offered a range of creative possibilities for the Autonomy team.

The project was filmed at the MGX studio, with Brompton Technology Tessera processing providing optimal color management for the LED wall. The installation included a LED wall with a stage radius of 16 meters, consisting of Unilumin Upad III LED panels supplied by MGX Studio’s LED distributor, Ledeca, driven by three Tessera SX40 4K LED processors and five Tessera data distribution units XD. The project used the concept of hybrid technology, using both Unreal Engine and real-time video mapping techniques. The entire system was powered by the Extended Reality (xR) disguise workflow.

“Achieving optimal color profiles and creating realistic highlights and natural background lighting were the main challenges of this exciting project, and that’s exactly why Autonomy decided to partner with us. “, explained Mete Mümtaz, coordinator of virtual production operations at MGX. “The F1 vehicle was positioned on stage in front of the LED screen, and we were able to map the reflections off the driver’s helmet and the vehicle’s reflective surfaces exactly as we and the customer wanted. The On-Screen Color Adjustment (OSCA) provided by Brompton’s Tessera software was key to what we were trying to accomplish.

Tessera’s ChromaTune feature helped the team create a reliable color management workflow. ChromaTune uses 14-way color correction, allowing MGX Studio to choose the desired color range and adjust the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors of the video without affecting other color parameters. “For this project, we didn’t have to shoot at exceptionally high frame rates,” added Mümtaz, “but we knew that if we needed to, we could have used Tessera’s HFR+ technology, as well take full advantage of the ShutterSync feature. .”

According to Fatih Eke, CTO and Studio Manager of MGX, in major projects like commercial production for IFC, every piece of hardware and software involved is essential. “It’s absolutely paramount that our equipment is reliable and can be easily controlled, so that we don’t face ‘show-stop’ situations during production,” he noted. “That’s why we work with technology partners such as Brompton Technology, Disguise, Unilumin, Epic Games, Ledeca and Mo-Sys. We know their products are 100% reliable and will always deliver exactly what we want.

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