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Michael Koster worked as photographer in new york for 26 years. He has the ability to see the world through a different lens and capture moments that others might miss. Most recently as a visual storyteller for the Red Cross. I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his first solo exhibition, as an East Village mainstay, and what he does when he’s not behind the camera. Here’s what he had to say.

Michael Koster, Covid Midtown, 2022
Clare Gemima: Congratulations on your first show Michael. How did you find your opening?

Michael Koster: Surprising! I loved talking to people about the story behind each image.

Q: Clare Gemima: How did your relationship with Kerri, the founder of the EV gallery, come about and why did you choose this space to present for the first time?

Michael Koster: I had known Kerri from the neighborhood. She invited me to another photography exhibit and I loved how the work was displayed on the metal. I chose to exhibit my work in the same way after asking him to look at my portfolio and inviting me to exhibit it.

Michael Koster – Covid Herald Square, 2022
Q: Clare Gemima: How often do you shoot and what type of images do you generally plan to construct?

Michael Koster: I have my camera on my side almost all the time – so always – even when I’m at home. I’ve always been interested in architecture in New York. I recently got interested in people, so who knows what’s next.

Q: Clare Gemima: How has living in the East Village for almost three decades influenced your photographic work and compositions?

Michael Koster: The faces of the East Village are my focus right now… such a diverse group of humans.

Q: Clare Gemima: What do you think is your least successful and most successful piece in the series? Why, and what would you have done differently?
Michael Koster, Barcelona, ​​2022
Michael Koster, Barcelona, ​​2022

Michael Koster: of which I am most proud Lopud, because I like colors. The Cleaners I would have left for another show. I just didn’t think it fit that particular format.

Q: Clare Gemima: What’s on the horizon for your photographic career in particular?

Michael Koster: I would like to diversify into combat photography, to photograph war situations in real time.

Michael Koster 9th and C, 2022
Q: Clare Gemima: How do you spend your time when you’re not behind a camera, and how can people find out more about your work?

Michael Koster: Ride a bike !! You can follow me on Instagram Michael_Koster_Photography

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