Mo-Sys launches the motorized MoRail camera rail


Mo-Sys Engineering, specializing in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual production (VP), has announced the launch of its new high-performance motorized rail, MoRail, which enables pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera movement ) and profitable ENG. in newsroom environments.

“Primarily designed for use in newsrooms, which can include traditional studios, green screens, LED volume-based broadcast applications and corporate presentations, MoRail supports all major PTZ camera systems and ENG weighing up to 15 kg, transforming regular static shots into repeatable creative shots with parallax motion control,” Mo-Sys said in a statement. “The resulting perspective shift dramatically improves the existing static movement of PTZ cameras, allowing producers to achieve precise movements during a show that immerse viewers in the studio, without the need to invest in expensive and complex dolly systems. based on leads.”

“With the introduction of MoRail, we are opening the doors to a new level of creativity with PTZ cameras that was not possible before,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Production teams can now benefit from precise, repeatable PTZ movement, as well as beautifully smooth and immersive parallax movement, which helps even small news operations create more immersive and engaging content.”

The MoRail package includes a Mo-Sys controller that allows adjustment of rail height and camera position in addition to pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris. For a demonstration of MoRail, visit Mo-Sys at IBC2022 in booth 8.A49. MoRail will also be visible on the AOTO (7.C09) and Canon (11.C45) stands.

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