Mongolian group The HU releases studio album “Rumble of Thunder” and presents new music video


Author Flavia Andrade – 4.9.2022

Originally from Mongolia, HU combined traditional music performed in their native language using native instruments with western modern rock styles to create a unique and catchy sound which they dubbed “Hunnu Rock”. The acclaimed rock band released their second official studio album “Rumble Of Thunder” via Better Noise Music, alongside the music video for the track “Bie Bielegee”. In this animated video, the group can be seen dancing in the traditional Mongolian style of “biyelgee”.

HU to share:

“’Bie Biyelgee‘ is to have a good time. We danced like we had never danced before during the filming of the video and the movements where we tried to imitate the biyelgee were very difficult. Biyelgee moves require a different set of skills than you’ll find in any dance genre, so celebrating these qualities in this way is fascinating and inspiring to us.

HU are currently touring in support of “Rumble Of Thunder” across the United States alongside Five-fingered death Punch and Megadeth until October 15, after which they end the year with a headlining tour across Europe and the UK Earlier this year the band toured the world on their ‘Black Thunder’ tour which included stops at Coachella (USA), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), and headlining shows throughout North America, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

Ffinger dead punchZoltan Bathory from ‘s shared his thoughts on the band via Instagram:

HU is on the road with us – great band from Mongolia – you gotta listen to them. I am a Hun, so from an anthropological point of view, they are my cousins.

Through its 12 tracks, “Rumble Of Thunder” connects the world to Mongolian culture and its unique core values ​​of natural preservation and spiritual connection with the land. These core values ​​are on full display in the album with deeply meaningful lyrics that uplift the Mongolian people as the band desires prosperity and peace among all. The group shared the first eco-conscious single “It’s Mongolian” in May, which has since received over 3 million video views and over 1.6 million Spotify streams. In July, they revealed an epic action-packed clip for the first half of their nine-minute track “black thunderbefore sharing its equally enticing second sequel in mid-August.

HU State:

“’Roar of thunder‘ expands the variety of songs in the Hunnu Rock genre and focuses on bringing new playing techniques that would sound unique and add more hard rock components to the songs. It was quite fun to record and most importantly, we had so much time to play and choose the best versions. Creative space and time are crucial, so we are very grateful to our friends and families who supported us during the long process. We also feel very in sync in terms of understanding and complementarity during the performance. You will find that we have become an even closer unit in this album with many new surprises.

You can order or stream “Rumble Of Thunder” here.

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