Moog Adds Exciting New Addition To The Moog Sound Studio Experience + An Exclusive Compilation


When it comes to analog synths, there’s no name as iconic as Moog. Over the decades, they have developed an iconic brand around their synthesizers that are unlike any other. Earlier this year they announced Moog sound studio, designed for beginners in synthesis and professional artists. He introduced a particularly comprehensive approach to the exploration of modular synthesis which aroused the enthusiasm of the creators.

Now the all-in-one synthesis exploration package includes a three-tier option to bring creatives the full suite of Moog 60HP semi-modular instruments in a neatly curated package. The value is incredible and a no-brainer for artists looking to expand their creativity and explore the world of analog synthesis for the first time or continue to explore sound in a new, immersive way.

With the powerful trio of analog synthesizers (Mother-32 , DFAM, and Sub-harmonic). is one that is lower than the price of these three instruments if they are purchased separately. It is incredible value for any designer.

In addition to this exciting announcement, Moog also released an exclusive compilation album, Explorations in analog synthesis, volume II, featuring an array of talented artists like Boy Harsher, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Galcher Lustwerk (and more!). All of the artists involved have created original compositions that demonstrate the powerful analog sound and sonic possibilities that Moog Sound Studio offers. It’s fascinating to listen to and you’ll be eager to join Moog Sound Studio and start creating with these amazing synthesizers.

to listen Explorations in analog synthesis, volume II and learn more about the Moog Sound Studio below!

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