Moray-based film studio ready to capture Highland spirit and boost local communities

Tom and Dianne Duncan with Ryan Daglish from Northport.

A MORAY firm will produce a film for the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project.

Northport is an Elgin-based content studio, established in 2017 by Tom and Dianne Duncan.

It covers a wide range of fields including retail, tourism and fashion.

Ms Duncan said: “People are starting to think that a film studio can operate internationally from the north of Scotland.

“We’ve shot places as far away as Sri Lanka, Chile and Hawaii, but our heart and our home is here in the Highlands. Indeed, High Life Highland’s decision to get involved in the Spirit of the Highlands project will go a long way in supporting local talent in the creative industries.

Mr. Duncan said: “We are delighted to be working with High Life Highland on this project.

“The coming year will be one of capturing cinematic stories from all corners of the Highlands and Islands and our young and ambitious team can’t wait to get started.

“We want to think outside the box and leave a legacy of films that will entertain visitors for years to come. “

In partnership with VisitScotland and announced by High Life Highland, the new project is expected to unlock the region’s economic potential to stimulate local communities. It is supported by a grant from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund and by the European Regional Development Fund.

The development of Inverness Castle is at the forefront, with the hope that it will become a ‘gateway’ for tourism to the Highlands.

Fiona Hampton, Project Manager Inverness Castle – Spirit of the Highlands, said: The world. “

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