Nanlite FS-60B Bi-Color Studio Projector



The new Nanlite FS-60B bi-color studio projector has been designed to be compact, lightweight and powerful. The new lamp features bi-color lighting with a color temperature range of 2700k to 6500k. The size of this new ultra-portable light may be small, but that doesn’t limit the power of the light.

At 13,830 Lux at 1 meter with 12 built-in effects, the ability to fit various lighting modifiers and a 19º/36º throw attachment, the lamp offers enormous versatility for a lamp of this size.

Lighting effects ensure plenty of on-set lighting options with the ability to imitate CCT, Int Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle Fire, Bad Bulb, Fireworks, Explosion, and Weld loops.

To further enhance the use of light, the BOWENS adapter allows the fitting of an extensive catalog of light modifiers from a range of manufacturers.

In addition to direct lamp controls, you also have the option of full wireless connection via the dedicated remote control or smartphone app.

When it comes to mounting the lamp, the small size and weight provide great flexibility. As standard, the lamp is fitted with an L-shaped bracket, but this can be removed and other brackets fitted as required. In addition to the standard mount, there is also an option for a variety of accessories, including the NPF Battery Grip and V-Mount Battery Grip.

The Nanlite FS-60B Bi-Color Studio Projector is a lamp that has been designed to be used anywhere, and many design features have been incorporated to ensure the longevity of the lamp. Features include protective glass that covers the COB LED.

Additionally, to ensure that the lamp remains up to date, the lamp supports firmware updates so that new modes, functions and features may be added in the future.

The Nanlite FS-60B bi-color studio projector comes in its own carrying case.

The Nanlite FS-60B two-tone studio projector is available now for £165

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