National Lampoon launches first Web3 studio and announces Poison Pill NFT


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  • National Lampoon launched its web3 campaign with the announcement of its first web3 studio.
  • The company also announced the Poison Pill NFT, which will be released on October 26.
  • The company began exploring opportunities in the Web3 space over the past year amid rapid market growth.

National Lampoon launched its web3 campaign. The company announced its foray into the booming industry on Tuesday with its first web3 studio. National Lampoon has also launched the Poison Pill NFT, which will debut on October 26.

The company started 50 years ago as a spin-off from Harvard Lampoon magazine, before branching out into other segments of the entertainment industry with movies, radio, live theater and more. .

Over the past year, National Lampoon has begun to explore opportunities in the growing Web3 market amid the influx of mainstream companies.

Web3 is generally described as a next-generation version of the Internet that takes advantage of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality devices, blockchain technology and decentralized applications to create interactive solutions that promote community ownership.

Commenting on the company’s entry into Web3, Raj Singh, on behalf of National Lampoon, said: “Over the past year, we have deliberately formalized an initial approach to Web3, given the rapidly evolving market. NL NFT is a Web3 destination focused on the intersection of artists, audiences, comic entertainment, digital assets, experiences and intellectual property rights enabled by blockchain innovation.

The company seeks to leverage the creator-focused approach provided by web3 in collaboration with to create and manage partnerships between literary and comedic talent.

National Lampoon said it has already sealed several partnerships that will be announced ahead of Poison Pill’s launch in October to add to previously announced collaborations with Monax Labs and Non-Fungible Films.

The company will draw on the expertise offered by a highly experienced board of advisors, which includes Jimmy McNelis (aka j1mmy.eth and founder of nft42), Jeremy Drane – Co-founder of Monax Labs and Nifty’s, Cameron Moulène of Non- Fungible Films, and Gavin Gillas of the Venkman Project.

Harsharn Singh, co-founder of NL NFT. So far NL commented“We strongly believe in the long-term potential of blockchain. The Poison Pill, which will be a full access pass for avid fans, creators and early adopters of what we create in Web3, ranging from written to filmed content.

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