New Moss: Book II details confirm seamless camera cuts, larger environments for PSVR sequel


Developer Polyarc has launched a fresh round of new offerings on the highly anticipated Moss: Book II as part of Sony’s indie blowout on the PlayStation Store this afternoon.

Primarily, the studio revealed how players can expect bigger locations this time around that emphasize the pint-sized nature of the game’s protagonist, and that seamless camera cutouts will ensure that the action stays fluid as environments transition.

Additionally, the developer revealed that players can expect plenty of puzzle-solving antics in explorable environments, as well as the ability to resist areas to uncover more hidden areas to suck up loot. collectibles.

Quill’s personality, expressive movements, and interactions with us make her the true star of the game, so we made sure there were even more moments to deepen our bond with our little companion. This means more cutscenes, interactions, reactions, and character-based storytelling to color the world and further strengthen our relationship with it.

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Elsewhere, Moss: Book II will see enemies have the same environmental impact as Quill, so their attacks are now capable of slicing through foliage and plants. Additionally, any projectiles they launch will impact the area, such as generating a hissing Doppler effect.

Moss: Book II is slated for release in late spring 2022.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]

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