New yoga studio set to open in Haight-Ashbury in former Yoga Tree


Less than a year after opening its Mission District location, HAUM – the gay-owned community yoga studio currently at 2973 16th Street – is set to open its second studio inside the closed space Yoga Tree Stanyan (780 Stanyan Street), often referred to as “Stanyan” before to close in 2020.

HAUM opened in July 2021 to rave reviews from class and a focus on creating an inclusive space that is financially accessible to all who wish to join. The team behind HAUM — among them Danni Pomplunthe studio’s founder, who has dedicated years to teaching yoga and helped support the city’s yoga community for more than a decade — began building the company in 2020.

Now, two years after the idea behind HAUM was launched, the company is preparing to open its second location in the Upper Haight very soon.

“We are opening our second location in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood,” HAUM said in a newsletter sent out Friday, May 13. “The rumors are true!”

While details regarding soft or grand openings have not been shared at this time, “HAUMies” and other interested yogis are encouraged to keep an eye on the company’s Instagram for future updates on the space ; the space keys were apparently secured in April, according to an IG update.

“[The company’s] the roots are healthy and we are diversifying,” the newsletter continued. “We are honored to breathe new life into this sacred space just across from Golden Gate Park.”

According to HAUM, memberships and passes will be valid at both locations — “insert party dance emoji” — and additional instructors and classes are also expected to be added to the company’s class schedule.

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