New Yorker baffles TikTok by visiting his “futuristic” high-tech studio: “It’s the dream”


A TIC Tac the user is go viral after sharing his high-technology new york studio apartment.

The clip, posted by the popular TikToker Jeremy Cohen (@jeremycohen), had nearly 3 million views in its first day online. That’s because, as many reviewers have noted, Cohen’s apartment looks like a sci-fi movie.

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It’s a rare type of viral video on TikTok, where often New York apartments are gaining popularity for their ugliness, not their beauty. In the past, New Yorkers exhibited the so-called “worst apartment ever,” and a “foul-smelling” apartment with several unseaworthy corridors.

Cohen’s music video is a far cry from those TikToks. As he shows in his video, his New York studio presents a series oftechnology features that can transform its space into several different rooms.

“Apartment of the future,” Cohen captioned his post.

In the video, Cohen shows how multiple parts of his studio can change with the push of a button. First, he reveals how his wall turns into a complete walk-in closet.

Then he shows how his food the wall can protrude forward, revealing a long and spacious office space.

Finally, Cohen reveals what he calls the “best part” – his Ori Cloud Bed. The bed, designed by the Brooklyn-based furniture maker, Ori alive, can descend from the ceiling when he wants to use it. When the bed is far away, the space allows it to have a full seating area.

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TikTokers were largely impressed with the design, calling it “futuristic” and “genius”.

“Yeah, it’s actually on,” a user wrote.

“This is the dream” another wrote.

Others, as you might expect, wondered how much the rent was.

“It looks expensive” a user wrote.

“If you can afford it, you can afford more space” another added.

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