NFT Perfume Artwork Shows Future Of Blockchain Beauty, Says Studio Creator Look Labs And Artist Sean Caruso



The studio and artist had designed ten exclusive NFT artworks from Look Labs Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum, Put a reserve price of around € 18,000 on the entire collection. Each NFT artwork – a unique digital blockchain asset and a non-interchangeable form of cryptocurrency – came with a physically redeemable collector’s edition of the unisex scent that featured a printed electronic tag that flashed red when touched. Future owners of NFT artwork could trade in their own physical version of the scent for an additional fee.

Look Labs had also launched pre-orders for an exclusive and limited batch of physical perfume online, priced at € 240 per 100ml bottle and sold with an NFT token that contained specialized content – very different, however, from the ten works of art. exclusive art.

Room for innovation – the perfume market is “currently quite boring”

“The physical Cyber ​​Eau De Parfum is our first project,” said Jordan Katzarov, founder of Look Labs.

“The studio’s goal is to work on products that are a blend of high quality, sustainable and disruptive technologies. At Look Labs, we always want to be at least one year ahead of consumer demand and offer unique products on the market ”,Katzarov told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

When asked why Look Labs focused on fragrances, he replied: “Because perfumes are another very complex art form that has not been affected that much by digitization and the market is quite boring right now. “

“We wanted the new generation of consumers to rediscover the fragrance experience and make the journey exciting for them. Moreover, the perfume market is not innovating quickly in my opinion, leaving unexplored opportunities for more daring perfumes and innovation.

Along with the NFT artwork, Look Labs is launching a limited batch of its actual fragrances online that feature illuminated labels (Image: Look Labs)

Look Labs had worked with a small French perfumer from Grasse to develop the unisex perfume, packaged in a recyclable and lightweight refillable bottle. The studio then worked with Sean Caruso to digitize the concept from the NFT artwork side.

The ten NFT artworks digitized the layered scents of Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum, including hints of wood and amber, represented as spectral data obtained from near infrared (NIR) technology .

Sean Caruso, digital artist and founder of SCVisions, said: “I wanted a photorealistic rendering of the bottle with the label illuminated and the NIR data represented as a colored spectrogram.”

“… I was curious about the fusion of the physical and digital worlds through blockchain and NFT illustrations. Look Lab’s research into authenticating physical assets using NIR technology not only has endless applications in the real world, but gives artists the ability to visualize and create unique digital art that can be cashed in as as NFT and merged with its physical counterpart ”,Caruso said.

Beyond beauty: NFT technology will also offer “practical applications” in luxury cosmetics

“We believe this is a new insight into the evolution of luxury cosmetics”,Katzarov said.

The NFT artwork, he said, was a space meant to witness “Massive growth and exposure”in the months and years to come and it was also the case “Digital mode”.

But for the premium beauty market, he said the incorporation of NFT art and digital tokens would likely have a practical side as well, going beyond the fun and collectable element.

“For luxury cosmetics, I see the products will come with an NFT token that is used more so as to confirm sourcing and transparency of ingredients throughout the supply chain. I think in the case of luxury cosmetics, we will also see this distribution of value – part of the sale will go directly to the farmer who sources the ingredients, for example ”,he said.

“We will see many more practical applications of NFT technology, and brands will be challenged to prove scientific claims by recording studies in NFT tokens.” Katzarov said.

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