Nikon launches two free apps for tethering and transferring photos from camera to smartphone


Nikon is introducing two new apps that should make your workflow faster and easier, and they’re both completely free. The first is NX MobileAir, a smartphone app that transfers photos directly from your camera to your phone and uploads them to an FTP server. The second is NX clip, a program for tethered shooting with Nikon cameras.

NX MobileAir

NX MobileAir eliminates the need for a computer when transferring photos from your camera. They are shared on an FTP server, and everything can be done automatically without even touching your phone. But if you want, you can add a little more information to go along with the photos. The app allows you to add voice memos on the images so that you can share them with the rest of your team. You can also choose which photos to transfer, and you can crop, flip, and straighten them before doing so.

In order to use the NX MobileAir, you need to install it on your phone and make sure your camera firmware is up to date. Note that the free version comes with limitations: you can create an album and add 999 images to it. If you upgrade and pay $ 4.99 per month, you get unlimited albums and photos.

NX clip

NX Tether is tethering shooting software for compatible Nikon cameras. Like other tethering software, it sends your photos directly to your computer as you take them. It is compatible with other Nikon software, so you can make changes using Nikon NX Studio. If your camera has a built-in or optional wireless transmitter, you can also take pictures wirelessly.

Unlike NX MobileAir, the NX Tether is completely free and there is no premium option that you have to pay to use it.

NX Tether is coming November 4 and you can get it for free at The Nikon website. Wait a bit longer for NX MobileAir, which will be available in the iOS and Android app stores from November 24. You will find the list of compatible cameras and the system requirements here.

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