The TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops is a 1-5 stop variable ND designed to have minimal, if any, effect on the colors in your image.

It aims to simply reduce the amount of light that passes through your camera lens without affecting image quality in any other way.

As with most variable NDs (VNDs), the TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops screws directly into the front of your camera’s lens and is available in sizes ranging from 40.5mm to 95mm .

Once screwed into the filter thread of the lens, the front element can be rotated to adjust the neutral density effect.

Several design features mark the NiSi TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops against many of its rivals. First is the visual impact; the back threaded ring is silver so whatever the conditions you always know which is the threaded side and if you are still in doubt there is a textured edge on the ring which makes for a good buy when fitting and filter removal.

The front ring is black, as is the inner coating of the rear ring to ensure that there is no reflection of light from the filter into the lens glass which could cause an image quality issue.

The front ring features stop marks on the edge, so you know exactly how many exposure reduction stops you’re dialing in; a small black dot on the silver rear ring acts as a marker. The front of the ring features a fine texture, again allowing for easy purchase when rotating; however, as standard, a rotation axis screwed into the edge makes adjustment very easy and ideal when using the filter during filming.

The glass used by NiSi is the same as its range of lenses and features coatings designed to protect the optics in all conditions. A Nano coating ensures it is weather resistant and easy to clean and also has anti-reflective properties to ensure the best possible light transmission through the glass.

As with all high-quality VNDs, stops are in place to ensure you don’t turn the filter too far in either direction and cause the dreaded X-Effect.

On the front of the filter is a filter wire, so if you need to stack the filters, you can; the 82mm filter I reviewed has an 86mm front thread. In the box with the filter is a filter cap; this fits the filter perfectly and means you can leave the filter on your camera when moving between locations.

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