NVIDIA showed Black Myth Wukong on camera with ray tracing and DLSS


It is difficult to understand where they are. There would be good points.

For now, Chinese studio Game Science will continue to release fantasy action slasher Black Myth Wukong. Now we just have to lick our lips at a few improvised gameplay videos, like what the team showed today.

New gameplay lets you learn more about Black Myth Wukong, like new battle system elements, new opponents, and more. Emphasis is placed on the use of ray tracing techniques and intelligent DLSS anti-aliasing in the Black Myth Wukong. As always this is when ray tracing is done by doing a few comparing them to ray tracing and ray tracing but as often this difference is so small and dimly visible that one does not know where is evidence of the use of these technologies should be sought at all.

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Black Myth Wukong does not yet have a release date.

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