OOO-ing Studio imagines hairstyles from a futuristic virtual city



From jellyfish cup to airbrush color, the OOO-ing Studio in Taichung City, Taiwan had a huge influence on the hottest hair trends of the past year. Today, the salon has partnered with friends of the sun for a new campaign that celebrates having fun with your hair and expressing yourself through beauty.

The Swedish eyewear brand entrusted its latest designs to the stylists at OOO-ing studio and gave them complete artistic freedom to create six sunglasses-inspired hairstyles. The result is a series of portraits of studio friends and clients that imagine what each character would look like if they lived in a futuristic virtual world.

“We always create an appropriate environment before designing, a ‘vibe’ to be precise,” Light Liao, art director of OOO-ing Studio, talks about their creative process. “It’s the most fun part of creating, we decide how the hairstyle makes people feel.” For this project with Sun Buddies, the team wanted to give the impression that these people lived in a futuristic virtual city that is “between the real and the unreal”.

For each of the models in the shoot, the creative team came up with lifestyles and personalities, imagining what each would wear and how they would express themselves. “It’s like creating a character in our mind and we love doing it because it brings a more interesting perspective to the design and it motivates us to try different color combinations and styles,” says Liao.

They were also inspired by the patterns, colors and names of each pair of sunglasses. The Deep Blue Sea glasses worn by Courtney, for example, reminded them of the sun shining in the ocean and producing shades of blue light. “For the hairstyle part, we also hoped to create an impression of seaweed floating in the sea. These ideas are then mixed with the “mood” that we would like to present from the beginning, and gradually created a different sense of each character.

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