Opening of a new innovation studio for entrepreneurs in Telford

MNA BUSINESS PIC DAVID HAMILTON PIC PIC SHROPSHIRE STAR 4/5/22 Attending the launch of Maxi House Innovation Studio, (left) Director Tim Loft, (right) Operations Director Nigel Birch, at Halesfield 20, Telford..

Developed by local entrepreneur Tim Luft, the Maxi House Innovation Studio in Halesfield was created as a way to break down barriers for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business from the Midlands.

The company uniquely combines an approved Start-up and Innovator visa approval body for the UK head office, with a dedicated business support studio in one location.

His team works to support entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business quickly and can now also support foreign people who need a business visa to move to the UK, set up and grow their business.

Drawing on his experience as a mentor for the UK government’s program for global entrepreneurs, personally supporting over 50 new international start-ups over the past seven years, and as an entrepreneur building his own tech companies opening up the path to the use of virtual and augmented reality, Tim sees this as a precursor to a change in the way we view and support entrepreneurship, especially overseas.

He said: “Attracting entrepreneurs with high value, high growth potential businesses, not just locally but overseas, will be a real boost for Telford and the region.

“Too often foreign entrepreneurs assume that their only route to growth in the UK is to set up shop in London. We can redress this misconception by promoting the unique opportunities available in the Midlands, and Telford in particular, via a dedicated support package.”

Tim said that in addition to its visa approval capability, The Innovation Studio, based in Halesfield 20, is a great place to visit the delivery team – with a series of training rooms, co-working space, innovation breakout rooms and technology demo suites fully available to all members.

This will help remove barriers to growth and address a number of critical business functions including finance, ensuring companies are ready to invest and bringing in potential angel investors.

Business Development Director Nigel Birch added, “We hope to make the studio a unique service in the region that will support the most entrepreneurial start-ups and help them grow their business quickly and efficiently.”

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