OPINION: “The new movie studio will not look anything like this – it’s a fancy PR”


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Project design photo attached to BFP (“Controversial Little Marlow film studio disastrous shot, said wildlife group”) article shows outdoor shoot with dog walkers and cyclists passing by and tall trees dominating the open buildings. This is not what movie studios are like.

The buildings proposed for the site are, for the most part, over 22m high – towering above the tall trees currently planted along the road.

Film studios are, in effect, industrial sites where occasional walks and cycling would not be permitted for health and safety reasons, regardless of the confidentiality and data protection required by film companies. The image is a fancy PR.

The site already has two legally approved appellations: Green Belt and Natural Park. This is where the discussion should end for planners. However, many EAs are done by Dido Properties (Guernsey) Ltd, it doesn’t change the fact that building on the Green Belt destroys the benefits that the Green Belt brings, forever. Country Park is not a national park if it is used for industrial purposes.

Robert Laycock calls the land “neglected”. It might be better to designate it as “slowly reshaping”. Wild Marlow says in the article how important this site is to wildlife and by extension to all of us. We in the UK now recognize that we have a civic duty to climate change and nature reclamation and these two crises are intertwined. We must protect the green belt at all costs for us and for generations to come.

I urge you all to check out Save Marlow’s Greenbelt website www.savemarlowsgreenbelt.org to see all the other reasons to oppose development: traffic problems creating traffic chaos and air pollution, problems with water when local Thames Water facility cannot cope with influx, claims on local employment, unfounded claims of net gains to the economy, proliferation of extensions to other studios already in production thus rendering unnecessary any additional studio space, and others too numerous to describe here.

Anthea Falk, by e-mail

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