OTK invests in MMO and RPG studio Notorious


Content creator group OTK Media Inc. is investing in new game developer Notorious Studios, a studio made up of former developers from World of Warcraftthe organization announced today.

Both companies cite their love and passion for MMOs, RPGs, and expansive worlds as the main basis of their partnership. The two organizations know each other well as Notorious is full of World of Warcraft developers and OTK is full of members who have played MMO and other Blizzard games for a long time.

The deal has been ongoing since 2021 when Notorious Studios co-founder Chris Kaleiki reached out to OTK COO Tipsout. Notorious will have the opportunity to team up with OTK’s stacked lineup of creators, and this investment from OTK marks the first time a group of influencers of its size has teamed up with a game studio.

“OTK and Notorious together represent what we believe is the future of game development and publishing,” said Tipsout. “Never before has a group of influencers of our size partnered with a game studio of the caliber of Notorious. We believe this partnership will change indie game development forever.

OTK’s biggest creator, Asmongold, also expressed his excitement about the deal. Asmongold is best known for playing World of Warcraft but recently played a variety of games including Final Fantasy XIV, New worldand more.

“We’ve talked about developing games for a long time, so the idea of ​​partnering with a team that aligns so closely with how we see the game was a no-brainer,” Asmongold said.

Because Notorious Studios is so new, there is only one game that was announced during OTK Games Expo. The game is called Project Honorbut it will probably be many years before those interested in the game can get their hands on it.

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