Ottawa studio goes viral on TikTok for hilarious sign and if you know, you know



An Ottawa artist put a hilarious meme on his outdoor studio sign this month, and people on TikTok are loving the creator’s reference.

“Y’all, I’m dying – someone in Ottawa followed their TikTok credentials”, says a TikToker that got over a million views on a video showing the sign.

“Emmanuel don’t do it!” reads the Loen.Design sign at 2207 Carling Ave.

“This made my day, I don’t know what they’re designing over there on Carling, but I’d give them my money 😂😂😂 someone tell @Knuclle they did it LMAO,” shared the TikToker in the video description.

The artist receives “messages from people every week”

“Brother this sign is still on point I always look for it when I’m on this road,” another TikToker wrote in the comments. “You have your fingers on the pulse of the internet 🤣🤣,” someone else told the artist on Instagram.

Emmanuel, the emu, is known on the internet as an iPhone-hating animal who regularly steals the show in his owner’s TikTok videos by pecking at the phone until it falls to the ground.

This isn’t the first time the artist has used the sign outside his studio for hilarious references.

Rich Loen, owner of Loen.Design, told Narcity via email that he usually chooses lesser-known references. But this time he chose the TikTok meme featured on Jimmy Fallon “because the young woman in the clip was awesome and real, just like the emu.”

“Jimmy Don’t”

“I like to set up lines of songs and imagine people singing to each other after driving by,” the creator explains. “I get messages from people every week.”

The old sign dates from the 1960s and came up with the building located in west Ottawa.

Memes, movie lines and more

Sign messages.Courtesy of Rich Loen

Other memes the automaker has featured include the “That’s Good” comic. This famous phrase alludes to a cartoon dog sitting at a table with a coffee, but in a room completely engulfed in flames.

Last April, the Ottawa man also Featured the ghost hunters line “There is no Dana only Zuul,” said a character possessed by a demigod named Zuul.

“Are you the guardian? replied one Instagram user, referring to another ghost hunters Quotation.

Although some may consider him the guardian of the internet, Loen says he has over 100 messages queued up for the panel.

“It’s a lot of fun for us because we don’t have an agenda and can just put together whatever we want. So we do it!”

He adds that as an artist he likes to do “weird, weird artistic things that I find interesting”.

And, if you can’t find some of the creator’s more obscure references, he says most can be found on Google and are “a simple search.”

It’s time to catch up with Know Your Meme!

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