Otter Network Collaborates with Singular.Live On Live Graphics for Multi-Camera Mobile Device Productions


Otter Network announced today that it will collaborate with on graphics for multi-camera live productions. Singular’s On Device Mode To allow users of Otter Director, a software suite that allows any iPhone or Android device to stream or record footage to up to four devices simultaneously anywhere in the world, to broadcast events with professional quality graphics studio.

Otter Director offers studio features that enable seamless switching of camera angles at the touch of a button, with instant cloud access for collaboration. Singular’s graphics, rendered directly on a device running Otter Director, can be customized with an audience-specific look, giving technical directors and producers new levels of design customization. Originally developed for capturing live music, Otter Director has been used for rapid content creation for advertising agencies, brands and sites.

“The value of delivering high-quality video productions with mobile devices ultimately requires professional on-air graphics that can complement the look of a production,” said Nick Tangborn, co-founder and CEO of Otter Network. “We created Otter Director as a tool for professionals who want to leverage lower-cost capabilities to produce high-quality work, and the Singular team perfectly complements our vision.”

Otter recently used Otter Director for productions with 3TEN Austin City Limits Live, The Salt Lick and Lamborghini Austin.

“We see Singular’s integration into Otter Director as a sign of the mobile generation of content creators implementing broadcast-quality solutions, right in the palm of their hands,” said Andrew Heimbold, CEO of “Providing creatives with richer toolsets, in a cloud-agnostic way, is at the heart of our work with Otter Network.”

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