Paramount Plus partners with French studio Gaumont


Paramount Plus, which is Paramount’s recently rebranded global streaming service — formerly ViacomCBS — has entered into a three-year partnership with Gaumont, the famed French studio behind Netflix’s “Lupin” and “Narcos,” to jointly produce a slate of products. top of the line. original shows for its growing subscribers around the world.

As part of the partnership Gaumont will produce these series in association with Paramount’s international studio, VIS.

The shows will be part of Paramount Plus’ stated plans to greenlight 50 new non-US scripted originals in 2022 as it expands its reach of Latin America, Australia, Canada and the Nordic countries –– where the service has already been launched –– in UK, South Korea, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy where it will be launched this year.

VIS will have access to Gaumont’s vast network of top talent and creatives in key Paramount Plus markets, including Latin America and Europe, the two companies said in a joint statement.

The first Greenlit Paramount Plus/Gaumont project is “The Signal” (“The Signal”) a horror thriller based on Maxime Chattam’s bestselling novel. “The Signal” is creatively directed by French showrunner François Uzan (“Lupine”).

In “The Signal”, famous radio host Olivia Dormeuil, after losing her beloved sister in a car accident, moves into an old house on a remote island with her family. This change of scenery soon proves more difficult than expected when the family’s unspoken fears begin to take ghostly form and some of the island’s inhabitants begin to die under strange circumstances. Their mysterious deaths cause the family to struggle against dark demons.

Additionally, three high-level titles have been jointly approved for development:

–– “Future Desert” (“Sorry Future”). A dystopian thriller set in a near-future Argentina that turns on a robotics engineer who moves with his family to a remote town in Patagonia. There he is ordered to secretly test the first humanoid robots.

Prominent Argentine writer-director Lucia Puenzo –– whose films include “XXY” and “The German Doctor”, selected at Cannes –– will co-present and direct several episodes with her brother, Nicolas Puenzo, with whom she co- performed “Cromo” and “La Jauría”.

— “Anowhere. It’s a supernatural dramedy by eminent German screenwriter Jana Burbach (“Bad Banks”, “Tribes of Europa”). In the show, Toni Falk’s chameleon skills help her in her career, but leave her alone and lost, unable to form healthy relationships. After a casual lover declares his love for her, Toni is struck by a curse that transports her to different versions of her life. She finds herself stuck in a predicament where she must find a way to get home, “wherever that is,” the synopsis provided says.

— “Impact.” This is a French eco-thriller based on on the eponymous bestseller by Olivier Norek which explores the initially solitary fight of a man against the catastrophic ecological situation of our planet. After pollution kills his newborn daughter, Virgil Solal goes to war, alone, against giants. But his message soon resonates across the planet in the form of a horde of masked supporters. The timely show is co-created by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (“Murder on a Sunday Morning”, “The Staircase”), Antoine Lacomblez (“Laetitia”) and Séverine Werba (“Spirale”).

Raffaele Annecchino, International CEO of Paramount (pictured), described the partnership with Gaumont as “another example of our commitment to producing high-quality content that crosses borders and resonates with audiences around the world.

“Our strong, multi-faceted and creative global content strategy, combined with strategic investments and a deep-rooted history of bringing compelling global and local hits to our audience, sets Paramount Plus up for continued success,” it said. he added in a statement.

We are thrilled to begin a global relationship with Paramount Plus and help expand it internationally with four new shows in Europe and Latin America,” commented Sidonie Dumas, CEO of Gaumont.

For Gaumont, these original Paramount Plus complement the 40 projects already in preparation in its six international offices in Paris, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Cologne and Rome. These include new installments of “Narcos,” season six; “Barbarian”, season 2; and “Lupin”, season 2. In terms of new orders, they do the British show “Damage” for Netflix; American skein “El Presidente” and French series “Totem” for Amazon; the French program “Kaiser Karl” for Disney; and the American series “Stillwater” for Apple.

Previously announced Paramount Plus International Originals include “Sexy Beast”, “A gentleman in Moscow”; “The Chemistry of Death” by Simon Beckett; “Los Enviados (“The Envoys”); and “Miss Fallaci.”

The Paramount/Gaumont partnership will be officially announced during the Annechino Lille Dialogue keynote at Series Mania.

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