Pixar created a virtual IMAX camera and lenses to shoot the Lightyear movie


To infinity and beyond! Pixar Animation Studios is innovating with its next film, Light yearthe origin story of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story on an epic space adventure that prompted the creation of his line of action figures.

A fully virtual IMAX camera with a 1.43:1 aspect ratio was created and used by Pixar to shoot a version of the film suitable for IMAX screenings, allowing for multiple scenes in Light year be shot on a larger scale than any previous animation project.

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Pixar is a leader in the animated film industry and renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, with its 1995 toy story setting the standard for what computer-generated animation can achieve.

Now with Light year, Pixar is taking a giant leap forward for humanity – in the realm of animation – by creating its own virtual IMAX camera and developing a pipeline to film simultaneously at different ratios. Jane Yen, Light yearThe visual effects supervisor, revealed that the crew shot with the IMAX camera with a 1.43:1 aspect ratio which was then cropped for the standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

“I think this is the first [animated movie] that was made for IMAX in that way,” said Jeremy Lasky, Light yearcinematographer (via ComicBook.com).

“There’s about a third of the movie that was shot for IMAX. And the easy answer is we have a set of lenses. And when I say lenses, I mean CG-made… It’s all just code, No. A set of lenses that recreate the look of an anamorphic lens, which is your typical widescreen lens.

“You will notice blurry things in the background [that] instead of being round are a little stretched. There’s this blue stray light you see. Anamorphic lenses were the way to film on the big screen in the 60s, [and] The 70s, then later have been removed a bit, but are still in use today. But these effects are reminiscent of a period of science fiction that we were dealing with.”

“We built a set of lenses that are actually IMAX. They approximate shooting on a larger sensor…So for the 30 minutes or so of the film in IMAX, we shot with these lenses open in the format 1.43 and dialed in for it while keeping the composition just as clear and solid for a 2.39 crop from center.”

This essentially means that scenes shot with the IMAX crop ratio using the virtual camera and coded lenses are viewed in their entirety, exactly as the team behind intended, with wide-angle immersion in the foreground. . Be sure to catch Light year in IMAX when it hits theaters June 17 – and you can see Pixar’s back catalog, including the Toy Story series, on Disney+.

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