PlayTogether Studio launches Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room



The game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and nominated Mad Experiments: Escape Room.

Award-winning video game creator PlayTogether has officially released the all-new Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room. The game was released on the Steam platform for PC, macOS and Linux. Mad Experiments 2: Escape room is the sequel to the studio’s nominated and critically acclaimed first edition of the game released in 2020.

Mad Experiment 2 continues from the previous game and explores the final chapter in Professor Cheshire’s story. Fans of the original game will have the chance to continue the story and learn more about the professor. Mad Experiments 2 allows up to six players to play at once as they try to escape from Professor Cheshire’s institute.

The professor used the halls of the institute to experiment on the minds and bodies of individuals in order to find a cure for his sick daughter, Hildegarde. The professor has turned the lab into a prison over time, trapping innocent people inside.

Each escape room is inspired by real locations. The game has a realism that few other video games possess. Players will assume the role of one of the patients trapped in Professor Cheshire’s lab. Players will have the memories of the individual and must strive to unlock the secrets of the Cheshire Institute. Players must escape Professor Cheshire’s office, library, greenhouse, and Cheshire train to complete Mad Experiments 2.

Players will have 60 minutes to explore each escape room to collect clues and solve mind-boggling puzzles. Players will navigate four immersive escape rooms and must solve over 20 hand-crafted puzzles. Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room is available in six languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Simplified Chinese.

Learn more about Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room by visiting the Steam game pages.

About PlayTogether Studio:

PlayTogether was formed in 2019 and since its inception has developed award-winning puzzle games. PlayTogether developed Mad Experiments 1 & 2: Escape Room, and Run Prop, Run! a game of hide and seek.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room was nominated for “Fan’s Choice” at the Canadian Game Awards in 2020, and Run Prop, Run! was nominated for “Best Family Game” at Gamescom in 2021.

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