PNY X-PRO 90 Class 10 U3 V90 UHS-II SD


At the heart of this SD card is the UHS-II interface which enables transfer speeds that make this card suitable for use with high resolution video and still cameras.

In this test the card was used in a Sony A7 III using 4K video and the PP8 color profile, essentially S-Log 3 with S-Gamut3.Cine color mode.

In use, the card performed flawlessly and within the limits of the camera. The Sony A7 III, despite being a great camera, does get hot, so allow time between shots to cool down.

Used for stills, no more performance issues. The card was used in a studio environment with the A7R II, which is by no means fast when it comes to file buffering. Used in a Canon EOS R and the card was more than capable of meeting the camera requirements.

Overall, in real-world testing, the card performed flawlessly. It was faster than the capabilities of both cameras. Used over a two-month period and tested at first and then after heavy use, transfer speeds remained much the same.

After the real world test, I ran the card through the Blackmagic Disk Test with the following results.

Write: 190 MB/s
Read: 251 MB/s

PNY X-PRO 90 Class 10 U3 V90 UHS-II SD Review

These results are lower than those reported by PNY, but these write speeds are among the fastest I’ve experienced with a MacBook Pro setup.

Overall, the performance of the PNY X-PRO 90 Class 10 U3 V90 UHS-II SD was excellent. In the camera, the card met the requirements of the camera and the file formats being shot.

Studio download speeds were fast and versatile; the card has proven to be a robust memory solution.

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