Pokemon Sword and Shield Art Director’s New Studio Announces The Plucky Squire


The news fell on Thursday morning that Pokémon Sword and Shield art director James Turner had left Game Freak to open a new studio, All Possible Futures, with Ditto’s swords Director Bidds. The news came as a shock to many who have associated Turner with designing new Pokemon going back many years. Pokemon generations. A bigger surprise was to follow, however, as Turner and All Possible Futures’ opener, The brave squire, has since been announced during the Devolver Direct 2022 presentation.


At first glance, The brave squire seems to have been largely inspired by Ditto’s swords. The Devolver Direct trailer opens with a 2D sequence where players navigate a storybook as its pages turn. The brave squire quickly rewires expectations, however, as the protagonist Jot the Squire finishes the book and jumps off the page. It seems that The brave squire will mix both 2D and 3D adventure.

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Describe The brave squireHowever, the simple adventure gameplay does it a disservice. It’s clear that the All Possible Futures team plans to fill The brave squire with an extremely diverse range of gameplay experiences. In 2D only, Jot is shown performing both isometric and side-scrolling combat, completing adventure puzzles with collected items, battling a bear with mechanisms of Punch !!shoot bugs with the SHMUP action on the side of a cup, and more.

The 3D gameplay of The brave squire doesn’t have the same time to present the diversity of ideas as the 2D side of the game, but they are there. There are pikmineGathering style allies, melee combat, and unique traversal elements. The chamber where the game takes place looks like a kind of overworld, which Jot will explore with different tools that they “gather” from various 2D spaces. Yet the full scope of The brave squire is certainly not yet fully revealed.

It’s clear that players have only had a glimpse of what All Possible Futures plans to offer with The brave arrow. What the project’s trailer promised is ambitious, to say the least. Turner, Bidds and the crew of All Possible Futures look set to fill out The brave arrow with their love of video games, whether 2D or 3D.

Early Thursday, it was believed that James Turner was still at Game Freak hard at work on the art direction of the Pokemon franchise. In the same way, Ditto’s swords seemed ripe for a sequel to One Bit Beyond. Instead, there’s a new studio in All Possible Futures, and its first project, The brave squire, looks unique and exciting. Expect to see more The brave squire In the coming months.

The brave squire releasing in 2023 on PC, PS5, Switch and Xbox One.

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