Poly Introduces Studio R30 Video Bar for Small Meeting Rooms and Device Management App


Collaboration solutions provider Poly continues to build on its portfolio of hybrid work solutions with a trio of products designed to deliver professional-grade collaboration experiences to distributed employees, including the Studio R30 video bar, a new video bar smart for small meeting rooms.

The Poly Studio R30 is a USB video bar designed for small meeting spaces that incorporates Poly DirectorAI technology for precise framing of groups and speakers to ensure that all participants in the room are seen and heard alike. way.

The Studio R30 is part of Poly’s extended line of devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows through the Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit, and is also certified by Zoom. Microsoft Teams certification will arrive by June 2022, according to the company. However, the R30 works with any cloud-based video provider of the user’s choice.

The Studio R30 video bar, an evolution of the company’s P15 video bar for personal use, includes a 4K camera with a 120-degree field of view. In addition to smart speaker tracking and group framing technologies via Poly Director AI, the device features Poly’s NoseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence to block out unwanted background noise.

For easy IT management, the Studio R30 is Wi-Fi enabled and end users can customize settings for specific workspace.

The Poly Studio R30 video bar is available now from the company’s website and select retailers worldwide, starting at $799. The Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms is now available for purchase on the website and from select resellers worldwide, starting at $2,099.

Beau Wilder, senior vice president and general manager of video collaboration at Poly, said at a recent event unveiling the company’s new Poly Experience Center in New York that the R30 is specifically designed for small conference rooms or small spaces.

“What we’re hearing from customers is that they want Poly to become much more prescriptive about the right solution for the right part at the right price,” Wilder said.

For large meeting rooms, Poly is adding its DirectorAI people framing technology to the Poly Studio E70 camera and Studio X70 video bar to provide close-ups for every meeting participant in the room, which will be displayed in gallery mode. . This feature will be available on these devices in June 2022.

Poly is also adding new flexibility to its entire line of Teams Rooms on Windows, including a USB extender for bring-your-own-device options for any video app and a camera control app for users to adjust the camera experience or change the Poly DirectorAI modes. .

For IT management and control, Poly offers Poly Lens, a holistic cloud-based platform to manage all Poly gear, including the R30 video bar and Sync 10 speaker (introduced last month). Through the platform, IT or end users can provision, manage, and troubleshoot Poly devices and keep software and firmware up to date. A mobile app will also be available soon, the company says.

Poly Lens and the Poly Lens desktop app are currently available worldwide at no additional cost.

In a statement, Wilder said providing a seamless and fair experience for the modern, distributed workforce is critical to business success, as well as happier and more productive employees.

“While organizations have started announcing back-to-office plans, relying on solutions that were successful before the pandemic will no longer suffice,” Wilder said. “At Poly, we are committed to investing in enterprise-grade tools that ensure all employees have the same opportunities and experiences, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.”

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