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Ever since their Coke Studio debut with “Ye Dunya” (Karakoram) and “Peechay Hutt” (Hasan Raheem), both bands, diverse as they are, seem to be working hard to release new music.

Hasan Raheem released an audio collaboration, “Weli Ho” with Talha Yunus ft. Abdullah Kasumbi. He followed up with “Faltu Pyar”, the viral hit, which was the result of the collaboration of Hasan Raheem and Natasha Noorani. The latter – a member of think tank Coke Studio 14 – worked with Talal Qureshi and Hasan Raheem and released one of the best music videos together. It’s an electro-pop hit that made us realize how talented and visionary today’s musicians are.

Hasan Raheem, meanwhile, also collaborated with neo-rock music group Karakoram for the soulful “Kyun,” which may not have reached the same numbers as “Faltu Pyar,” but has its own narrative. layered with captivating elements.

Karakoram, with Sherry Khattak on vocals and guitars, Omair Farooq on bass, Bilawal Lahooti on drums, Zain Peerzada and Annan Noukhez on guitars, and Hasan Raheem didn’t stop at “Kyun”. Since the release of ‘Kyun’, a reworked version of the song has been released.

But Hasan and Karakoram were careful not to fall into the typical coverage area. The song, available on Hasan Raheem’s YouTube, is also backed by audio and a video with trance-inducing imagery.

Between ‘Kyun’ and ‘Faltu Pyar’ – two terrific collaborations, Hasan Raheem has proven he has the big word and is in no mood to rest.

However, if Hasan has been busy, so has Karakoram.

The neo-rock group, after debuting at Coke Studio 14, went ahead and released “Kyun” featuring Hasan Raheem, an unplugged version of the song, as well as an original called “Awaaz.” The unplugged “Awaaz”, sung with great depth by Sherry Khattak (and also produced by him) with a music video shot and directed by Zain Peerzada and a video from Flux Media exceeds the original.

“Awaaz” was first released last month on a platform called Crystal Records Live and was produced by Adeel Bashir Baloch.

But this version, the unplugged version of ‘Awaaz’ is the antithesis of the music that is gaining popularity on YouTube, like the dramatic OSTs.

Between the speed at which Hasan Raheem and Karakoram are dropping music – both collaborations and solo material – we’ve finally found a band reminiscent of the glory days of EP and a pop go-getter.

And while we’re talking about the new unplugged “Awaaz,” check out Live. Since appearing on the horizon, the new musical series has released music from Uzair Jaswal, Umair Jaswal, Soch – The Band and Mustafa Zahid among several others.

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