Powerhouse VFX expands with new studio in Toronto


Powerhouse VFX, the award-winning visual effects company whose credits include stranger things, The Marvelous Mrs. Maiseland Easttown Marenow settles in Toronto.

According to ShootPowerhouse’s Toronto team will work from a new studio setup with support from post-production company Company 3. These employees will also integrate into Powerhouse’s remote and cloud-based pipeline, while using the new physical space for dailies, sound, image finishing, and more.

The move is part of Powerhouse’s push outside of its New York headquarters and into the Canadian market. “This expansion will provide a great opportunity for our customers to continue partnering with Powerhouse for shows beyond New York with new talent and incentives,” executive producer Ryan Cunningham said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to bring our talent to the Canadian market,” added Creative Director and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Ed Mendez. “Our vision has always been to deliver world-class visual effects to our clients, while providing a safe and collaborative workplace for artists, using incredible cutting-edge technology.”

In addition to the aforementioned series, Powerhouse’s notable work includes Darren Aronofsky Mother!Jon M. Chu’s In the heightsby John Krasinsky A silent placeand M.Night Shyamalan Glass and Old.

Powerhouse’s Toronto team will join the company’s current New York-based management. Toronto-based senior producer Nigel Mendoza will continue to fill his role; Bob Lowery will continue to lead the company’s sales and business development.

Stefan Sonnenfeld, CEO and Founder of Company 3, called Powerhouse’s entry into the Canadian market “an exciting next step in delivering an expanded and enhanced experience for its customers.”

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