Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game won’t play like other studio games – report


quantum dream, the developer of exclusive PlayStation titles Heavy rain and Detroit: become human, is supposed to be working with Disney on a new Star Wars game, and according to new information the game will be different from the kinds of things we’ve seen from the French studio so far.

Since the first reports on the unannounced Quantic Dream project first aired, more information on what precisely this game will be has been revealed. According to a report from Kotaku, the game will avoid the heavy QTE setup that you’ll be familiar with if you’ve played Beyond: Two Souls or the other aforementioned games, and instead, the game will have “more traditional action gameplay.” , and maybe even open world and multiplayer elements. “

The Montreal studio of Quantic Dream will apparently play a big role in the game’s development, and all of these new gameplay elements will be the result of a fairly large wave of hiring the company has led. Employees of Ubisoft, Eidos and WB Games Montreal recently joined Quantic Dream.

The goal of the hiring wave is, in part, “to provide Quantic Dream with more development expertise in areas outside of branching storytelling and cinematic narratives featured in games like Heavy Rain,” he said. noted Kotaku, according to two former developers of Qunatic Dream who wished to remain anonymous.

The move to a new type of game was not without its problems, however: “Quantic Dream’s proprietary game engine and development tools are outdated and not well suited to creating more game-oriented games. action and exploration, ”a source said.

In 2018, Quantic Dream made headlines after reports that photoshopped images were sent to group emails within the company, with a cache of 600 photoshopped photos – some of a sexual nature, some of a sexual nature. other offensive – prompting complaints from staff.

Quantic Dream has denied reports of inappropriate behavior and a toxic work culture at the studio.

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