Reckless drivers caught on camera at a troublesome intersection


Local resident Dan Myles sent CHCH News a video of pedestrians colliding with vehicles. The video caught the attention of the city and the police.

Myles took the photos from his home security camera at MacNab Street and Colbourne Street in Hamilton and he says the incidents are not unusual.

“I see people very close to being seriously injured or killed every day or so,” Myles said.

Myles says it got worse as a result of the pandemic and some people were affected.

The video comes out as Hamilton places greater emphasis on pedestrian safety following the tragic death of conductor Boris Brott and other pedestrian collisions in the city.

Area councilman Jason Farr said the city has spent millions managing traffic with bumps, speed bumps, stop signs and lower speed limits.

Hamilton solicitor Ian Brisbin handles collision cases with pedestrians and cyclists, “there are no circumstances in which it should be the responsibility of the pedestrian to step out of the way of the car.”

Myles says police have been in contact with him about the video with a view to bringing reckless driving charges against the drivers in the videos. The city has also been in touch with the video, as the city council will again address road safety this week.

Nine people have been killed so far this year in collisions with pedestrians.

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